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May 3, 2024. I met a girl in 2018 who touched me deeply. I think she’s an old soul. She inspired much of the music I’ve made afterwards. This song’s lyrics is a memory of her as it was written and first recorded just a few days after we met.

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March 1st, 2024. I used the instrumental titled Saul Goodman from 2021. I enhanced the arrangement and production a bit. And made it a song about space (on Earth, in us).


June 7, 2023. A song to celebrate water. Much love and many thanks to Sainte-Alice for believing in this piece and pushing me to finish and release it.

Feb 13, 2023. This instrumental piece is part of the Original Score I created for my friend Clémentine’s documentary L’envers du…des corps. This was made in 2021. The film should be web-released in March.

Jan 30, 2023. A song about doing not too much. A way to cultivate la détente – relaxation in our daily life. Music born in January 2021 by the Mediterranean (Giens, France).

Costals · Theodore Shapiro – Severance Season 1 Main Titles (Costals Remix)

Jan 23, 2023. Another remix and once again for the Apple TV series Severance. This time it’s the Main Titles that gets a groovy twist. I’ll send my two remixes to the label and original composer to see what they think (if they ever listen to it) and if I could get the license to release it. I don’t even know how good it is.

Jan 16, 2023. A cover version of Manu Chao’s Trapped by Love which doesn’t sound at all like the original. Great display of my ADHD : seems like 3 songs in one. But it works! Lovely vocals from Nina Llorca who just put out her first solo song, and sings for +JTM.

Costals · Theodore Shapiro – Music Of Wellness (Costals UKG Remix) [Extended DJ Version]

Jan 9, 2023. A UK garage remix of the ambient music playing during the wellness sessions in the amazing Apple TV Series Severance. The only show I watched twice, and never skipped the intro.


Nov 12, 2022. This one is from 2017. It got into the Soundcloud algorithm and became my most popular piece of music on the Internet without promoting it. Probably thanks to the tag #bulgaria and maybe #traditional songs. I keep this idea to do more remix work with traditional music, because it’s fun and I think it’s important to transmit cultural heritages to the younger generations.

June 2022. The idea was that every day of June I would make and publish a new piece of music. I sometimes used existing material from my sketchbook. And sometimes stayed on the same piece for 2-3 days. So we got 20 pieces. I live-streamed the whole process.

May 30, 2022. A piece born in Dec 2019. I worked on it in Spring 2020, Spring 2021 and finally Spring 2022. Release decision came from a frustration of taking too much time to finish my album.


Nov 21, 2021. This is the first official release under the pseudonym of Arsene Kastanos. RIYL Four Tet, Aphex Twin, Emancipator and… The Office.

Oct 13, 2021. Finished at the end of 2020. The female vocals are from my friend Josi.
It’s from a recording of her singing a mysterious cover…
If you guess which song she was singing, I’ll take you out for lunch.
I’m still hoping we’ll recording some music together one day.

May 3, 2021.
I wish my life was as sexy as this song.
Missed a week due to covid (starting to recover today after a nice 12-hour sleep).
Still have two tracks ready but didn’t want to release them now.
This one is my new record I think, made in about 5 hours and 3 main sessions (beside today’s lil tweaks).
I re-used female vocals from the song Caresses.
I love to recycle the best elements from previous songs to see what else I can do with.
Very pleased with this one.

Apr 19, 2021. Rap song written by my future self. I keep in mind Aznavour saying that he ended up living the things he wrote in his songs. How cool? Let’s write our future the way we want it – and sing it. Not the usual instrumental. I think it’s a west-coast-like type of beat. Attitude, coolness, and vulnerability at the same time.

Apr 12, 2021. I rushed this on the day of the release. There’s one part not working in my opinion – I might fix that, though I’ll probably make much better songs. Anyway, I learned a lot by finishing this one.

Apr 5, 2021. Second most sensual song I release (after Caresses).

Mar 29, 2021. I started this song back in May 2020 in the little caravan I was staying in while doing some WorkAway near Bristol. It’s interesting to realise that the restricted space probably increased my focus and creativity. Not only space, but also time restriction. I should remember this.

Summer vibes. Instant mood and energy boost. When my own music is my medicine. I think it’s a great example of my defined style, merging many of the elements I love.

Mar 22, 2021. Night. The usual urban scenery scrolls through the bus window. Some sparks of street lights keep me alert in my half-sleep. I get off the bus to get in another vehicle. I cross path with some other people and I can hear the keys in their pockets and bags colliding with other objects. Those sounds merge into a kind of chime. I look up in the sky and see so many stars. How come the city is so dark tonight? I settle in the new vehicle and I feel like time slows down. We’re lifting. I look through the window to verify. I see a shadow detaching from the ocean of darkness. It comes closer to the street lamp. It’s a woman. She starts to dance timidly, but progressively with passion and freedom like nobody’s watching. It seems like I’m the only one who sees her. Who is she? She’s so gracious and carefree. I get off. I want to dance with her. I try to catch her. She laughs and then runs away, still dancing and jumping from place to place. I try to follow her. At times we look each other in the eyes. We’re playing. I’ve never felt so much joy.

I’m lucky to know this amazing person. When I share my music to her, she tells me what she sees while listening to the whole piece. She sees a story that the music is telling. I’ll hire her as soon as I can afford making music videos.

Mar 15, 2021. I call this genre Lo-Feel-Good. The song I’ve created the quickest so far. And one of my favourite. Call me if you’re in trouble. Or listen to this. S’all good man.

Mar 8, 2021. I did a remix of my 2019’s single. Reworking my old tracks is so much fun. Here’s also a remix from Bristol based techno DJ-producer-friend Beat Mongrel.

Mar 1, 2021. Lauren is the secondary voice of Caresses (released two weeks prior) coming from a phone call we had. She found me on reddit last Summer when I was looking for singers. We didn’t manage to collaborate on a track yet, but when I heard the intro/outro hook of Dreamer it was obvious I had to do this remix.

Feb 22, 2021. This is the soundtrack of the outer space football-fish. Get ready for a trip in my cosmic deep sea 🙂 ( Second instrumental-only track of the year. This is another side of me. Should I release it under a different pseudonym?)

Feb 15, 2021. Without thinking it I end up talking about my desire for women in most of my songs. I wonder what the topics will be when I’ll get enough sensual satisfaction. I tried to do a voluptuous song. Did I succeed?

Feb 8, 2021. The balafon melody was the key element to finish this song and was inspired by an iPhone alarm, as I woke up from a nap.

Feb 1, 2021. Born January 16th on the Giens Peninsula, Southern France. Seventh day of my three weeks of solitude. This is the least calendar time from splurging the song to release. I love this. I’d like more of this. This song is to inspire you to cherish your own company and let your genius out.

Jan 25, 2021. Fellow music makers : “Definitely something I’d stick on in the mornings to chill out to”“Love this. Chill house? But who cares. Just good music. Sounds like something Gilles Peterson or Benji B might play.”

Jan 18, 2021. Simple mood boost song in a jazzy vibe. All I’m saying here is : we gotta relax. And apparently, she agrees.

Jan 11, 2021. Inspired by and sampling vocals and psycheledic guitars La mouche from Michel Polnareff. Taken from his biggest album Polnarevolution released in 1972. 50% of the guitars in my track are from a sample pack though. Great match.

Jan 4, 2021. Surrounded by layers of kalimba, I read the last two pages of Tibre et Oronte from Henry de Montherlant. This is taken from his book Le Paradis à l’ombre des épées (1924). Epic outro.


Sept 30, 2020. This one is part of the Diffract Records compilation Rhuba. It’s a piece I think I would never have choose to finish and released otherwise. Most popular on Spotify, thanks to being part of a compilation with artists like Mononome, Dirty Art Club, il:lo and more.

Feb 7, 2020. Timid French rap. Did the music and lyrics. I was almost whispering, maybe because I didn’t want to be heard by my mum. Started to write the lyrics under a tree on the wild side of the Greek island Amorgos in 2017, after walking for a couple hours. Amazing experience.

Sept 7, 2019. First official music video for my Costals project. Co-directed, shot and edited by Zone51.

Under my first pseudonym Gelivan

Rodalquilar sessions (EP) [Oct 2017]
Label : Diffract Records

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mouvement du sentiment (ALBUM) [jan 2017]

video shot and edited by Sam Sherwood.

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